A Day in the Life of ..6

A Day in the Life of ..........ERIC

Hello everyone, my name is Eric I live with my new family and I'm starting to feel at home but I did not always feel this way...

Going back in time as far as I can remember, I used to belong to a builder and my language was a bit....umm... shall we say "colourful".  I can't remember why I left him but I ended up living with a lady called Pat.  She looked after me very well but she became poorly and she had a lot of us and could not cope. So, we all ended up in a zoo.  To start with, it wasn't very good but Pat kept coming now and then to visit us bringing good food and vegetables.  We were all unhappy and the zoo was dirty and we had nothing to do.  Eventually the zoo lost it's licence and was closed down.

We then all got put in small cages and went to a safehouse while we waited to go to our next place...Then mum came in to the building where we lived..... 

Now, I have to say, my stress levels were off the charts.  I was scared and very angry and I had no idea who to trust anymore.   I'm very surprised mum took me as I just felt so scared I lunged at anyone.  Well, I had a reputation to keep up!   Can you see my scar?  I'm not called Al Capone for nothing you know!!  But it was all a front and I was just, well I don't know what I was -  but not a happy bunny.

Mum bought me here and gave me a much bigger cage with funny things hanging in it - mum keeps calling them toys.  She keeps playing with them and making funny ding ding noises - to be honest I thought she was a bit nuts.  But mum was very gentle and never once shouted at me if I lunged at her or dived on the floor in a panic. She just sat by my cage and talked to me - couldn't understand a word of it, but it was gentle.  It took me a long time to stop feeling so afraid and one day I decided to come out of the cage. I also started feeling funny towards my mum, I did not mind her touching me and although I fluff up, (old habits die hard) when she goes to pick me up she never flinches and I step up as I know I'm safe with her. I love her so much I try to feed her but for some reason she never seems to want my regurgitated food and says "no it's OK Eric, you can keep your dinner"....

Now, there are a lot of males who live here too and mum calls them hubby and sons....but to me they looked like crocodiles and tigers who want to eat me so I fight and fight if they came near me...Eventually though, I realised that hubby and sons were not crocodiles and tigers at all, but just as kind as mum.  On saying that though, the man at the zoo was not kind so I'm still a bit wary of hubby and sons but not as much now and I don't attack them in my cage anymore.

I have also discovered if I leave my cage I can fly a little bit and if mum has her lunch and I walk over to her she shares it with me so things are definitely looking up!!!  AND I can make as much noise as I like and I never get told off.  Mum has told me this is the last home I'm ever going to have and I could not be happier about that!!!

Look here I am!