Diet ... and Recipes

It is so sad these days with the internet and lots of help and advice around, that we still see so many birds suffering from diet related problems.

You get a bird, you go to a pet shop, ask for parrot food and you get sold a mix full of seeds and mouldy grey monkey nuts a lot of the time.  You may as well be giving your feathered friend a bowl of arsenic.

Seed diets are incredibly bad for birds.  They are full of fat and little else in the way of vitamins and minerals, calcium and protein.  

Complete pellets are much much better and outwardly, yes, they appear more expensive than seed, but here are the facts:-

  •    Do you love your bird enough to look after him/her properly?

  •    Seed has a lot of waste shells and uneaten pieces plus a lot will be throw all over the floor as they pick out the worst bits.

  •    They will eventually suffer from this diet.  OK, some birds seem OK for years, but more than likely will die way before they should.

  •    Complete diets are full of all the essential vitamins in each and every bit.  So no matter what bit they eat, it's all good.

  •    You do get crumbs left, so I use these to make healthy cookies so none of it goes to waste.  Please see our recipes below.

  •    If you get your birds healthy, they don't need a vet, saving you either a lot of money or saving your bird's life.

  •    Complete diets are easy to get on-line.  The two places I buy from are Northern Parrots, which is or Scarlett's Parrot Essentials at

  •    You can also buy complete diets from us if you live locally enough as this saves you postage, or if you come to any of our fund raising events.

  •    No one food is perfect for birds.  They also need a wide variety of fruits and vegetables DAILY, not just once a week.

We are always here to help with any advice you might need.  Just contact us.....


Cookies - Take some of the crumbs you save from the 'Complete' food.  I empty them in a bowl each day until I have enough.  Mix with a small amount of wholemeal flour, an egg and a spoon of peanut butter.  You can bind it with fruit juice and add raisins, blueberries etc to it.  Blob drops on a baking sheet on a low heat for about 10 minutes.  These are really healthy and you can also freeze them.  If you want to try them first, you can buy them from us.  They are £1 per bag plus postage. 

Creamy Fennel and Corn Soup - Ingredients: Olive Oil as needed, 11/2 cups of corn kernels, you can use frozen, 2 cups chicken stock (either a cube or boiled bones from your Sunday roast), 1 cup diced fennel, garnish: 1 TBSP cooked corn kernels, 1 TBSP fennel leaves.
Heat a stock pot with a tiny bit of oil.  Add fennel and cook until translucent.  Add corn kernels and cook further until they become softer.  Add 2 cups of stock, reduce heat to low and simmer for 25 to 30 minutes until all veg is soft and stock is reduced to about 1/4 cup.  Puree mix in a blender, adding more stock if needed to make a smooth puree.  For a human sized portion, season and serve with cooked corn kernels and fennel leaves!

More recipes will be added soon......