Membership and Re-homing

How to become a Guardian....

The first step to becoming a Guardian is to become a member of GABS.  You can do this by requesting a Membership Form.  Membership costs £10.00 per year.  

Once you have posted it back and have received a Membership card, you may then ask for an Application to become a Guardian Form.  This is in the form of an eight page document which guides you in the keeping of birds, gives a list of terms and conditions of the charity and asks a few relevant questions.

If your application is successful, you must agree to the following terms and conditions.  If once you receive a GABS bird, and you break the rules of the charity, the bird will be returned to us.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. You must renew your membership annually either by Standing Order or by cheque when you receive your yearly reminder whilst you have a GABS bird(s) in your care.  Failure to do so will result in the bird being returned and found a new family.
  2. You must agree to a home check being done before a bird is released into your care.
  3. GABS will remain the legal owners of any birds given to a Guardian.  This is to protect the bird(s) future and will only come into force if the membership is lapsed, the bird(s) are neglected or in danger or the Guardian can no longer care for them.  Should any of these situations arise, the bird(s) will be handed back to GABS, not sold on or given to anyone else.
  4. We will not re-home a bird with a known medical problem.  All birds will be given a health check and a microchip before being re-homed and a small donation of £20.00 will be required to cover this.
  5. New Guardians will also be required to cover the petrol costs of the bird's collection and transfer to them.  The price will obviously depend on distance and a figure will be agreed by both parties before delivery is made.
  6. GABS birds must not be used for breeding purposes.  While we understand that some aviary birds will try to breed, especially small birds like budgies and finches etc, we would ask that you do not encourage this by providing nest boxes for example.
  7. Guardians must agree to keep the bird on the recommended 'complete' pellet diet.  Please see our page entitled 'Diet' for more information.

We hope you understand the need for these rules.  Thank you.


This is Harry.  He is a peach-faced lovebird and needs a forever home.  He is very sweet and has not bitten anyone at GABS.  He loves his food and is on a complete pellet diet plus veggies and fruit daily.

Harry comes with his own cage, toys and food.  However we do insist that he is kept on the complete pellet diet rather than a seed diet as seed diets for parrots are not healthy.

If you think you could give Harry the attention he deserves, then please get in touch, or, if you have any questions about Harry, then please contact Rebecca on 01773-770891 or 07772 138961.  A home check will be undertaken and you must become a member of the charity.  Thank you.


This is Oliver, he is an Orange Winged Amazon, age unknown.  He is a nervous boy/girl (sex unknown), having been traumatised in his previous home by two cats.  He used to be friendly but is now nervous.  He steps up on a pole when you want to move him in and out of his cage or to go on a stand etc.  He is not noisy, he does not pluck and he has not caused any damage here.

He is eating a 'complete' diet and I would like his new family to keep him on this.  His previous diet was one of the worst I have seen a bird on, so it is very important he now stays on this healthy diet.  Oliver came to us after his owners husband said he was either going to have him put to sleep or let him out the window unless she rehomed him.  He gets on fine with the other birds here.

We need a new family for Oliver in a quieter home for him, without cats, so if you think you can give him a good, forever home, then please get in touch.  Thank you.


To become a member of GABS you need to get in touch with us to obtain a membership application form.  You can do this by telephoning Dave on +44 (0)1773-770891 or by email at [email protected]

It's a simple form that won't take more than five minutes to fill out.  It just asks for your name, address, telephone number and email address.  There is a box to tick if you're interested in sponsoring a bird.

You can either send a cheque or you can pay by Standing Order. Membership lasts a year from the date we receive your application.  If you're paying by Standing Order and you do not wish your membership to expire, then leave the end date blank.  If you pay by cheque we will send you a reminder when you have two weeks left to run on your current membership, either by email or post.  Then you have the choice whether to renew or not.  However, if you are a Guardian of a rescue bird, you must renew your membership.

If you are a tax payer, by agreeing to Gift Aid, any donations can be made to go a lot further and at no extra cost to you.  For every pound you donate, we receive an extra 25 pence from the Government. Please note that only donations are eligible for Gift Aid (membership and sponsorship money doesn't count).