Not everyone who loves birds are in a position to have one as part of their family.  By sponsoring one of the resident birds, you are helping to support them.  You will receive a framed photograph of your chosen bird every year that you sponsor them.  You will also receive a brief history of each bird, (or as much as we know), and we will tell you all about them, from what they like to eat to what they enjoy doing from day to day.

Sponsorship is £15.00 per bird per year.  Here are the birds for sponsoring.

Hello, I'm OZZIE and I'm a Black-Headed Caique.

Hello, we're ROSE and SAFFY, we're a bonded pair of Galah Cockatoos

My name is BILLIE and I'm a Blue-Crowned Conure

Hello, I'm TIA and I'm a Quaker parrot

Hello, I'm LACEY and I'm a Blue and Gold Macaw.

I'm EGBERT, look at me, I'm a Golden Pheasant

I'm MAX and I'm an Orange-Winged Amazon.

Hi, I'm MILLIE and I'm a Senegal parrot.

Hi, I'm JAFFA and I'm a Blue and Gold Macaw

Hello, I'm EDWARD and I'm an African Grey
My name is COOKIE and I'm a Double Yellow-Headed Amazon
My name is MARSHALL and I'm a Blue-Crowned Conure

My name is TULIP.  I'm an Eclectus parrot!

I'm BAILEY and I'm a Hahn's Macaw

My name is ALLIE and I'm an Umbrella Cockatoo

My name is BELLA. I'm an African Gray parrot.